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Yesbets is one of the newer matched betting sites, having been created in 2015. At the time of writing this Yesbets review, it is run by a team of four – who do everything from building the Yesbets website, to finding offers and providing customer support. Whilst still relatively small, they make the impressive claim on their homepage that their members have earned over £800,000 in profits using their service. Their fun cartoons are dotted around the site and sum it up well – friendly and helpful but (no offence to the cartoonist – they’re much better than us!) a little rough around the edges.

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First impressions

Yesbets doesn’t have the most sleek or modern website but it is very functional. As with many matched betting services – you’ve got to resist judging the book by it’s cover. You only need to look at Profit Maximizer’s website where most sane people would assume it’s some sort of scam – yet it was one of the first matched betting sites in existence.

The normal spread of claims made by most matched betting sites are made on Yesbets too:

  • “Double your income in one month”
  • “…earn your first £15 profit in 5 minutes”

This is common amongst matched betting services as they’re all doing their best to entice you to sign up and start making money. Rest assured that all of the sites use the same fundamental concept/idea of matched betting and it is only, really, the execution that differs between the sites.

So, once you get past the normal marketing waffle about how great matched betting is we were pleasantly surprised to find the video below. It provides a 5 minute introduction to Yesbets, walking you through the process of making your first £15. It provides a great insight into the website, what it looks/feels like and how it functions. Yesbets get a gold star here and we’d encourage other matched betting sites to follow suite.

How much does Yesbets cost?


If you opt for a monthly subscription, Yesbets costs £14.99/month. This includes:

  • 50+ sign up offers
  • 15+ new promotions/reloads each day
  • 40+ video tutorials
  • Email & live chat support
  • Access to their private Facebook community

How Yesbets have presented this actually does them a disservice – by subscribing to their monthly (and indeed annual) plan you also get access to a whole array of other features, including their odds matcher and racing matcher. We’ll talk more about the features and tools on offer later though.


Yesbets used to offer an annual subscription but, at the time of writing, this no longer appears to be available on their website. As and when we find out the details we’ll update this review.


Yesbets have taken a novel approach by offering new users a completely free trial – you can use their system to earn up to £40 by completing two different bookmaker sign up offers. It’s a great way to test their site and see if yesbets worked as you’d hope. We’ll be honest – helpful as this Yesbets review is intended to be – actually trying out the yesbets matched betting site is the best way to see if it works for you.

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Sign up offers

At the time of writing, Yesbets have approximately 50 sign up offers on their website. Their tutorials vary from detailed and instructive to a little vague and confusing. Again, this might be a limit of the relatively small team, but sometimes the sign up offers are out of date or no longer valid. The Yesbets community though are generally good at spotting this and will notify the team relatively quickly.

We were particularly fond of the “Offers we don’t recommend” section. Whilst Yesbets could have promoted these offers (and may well earn commission for doing so) they’ve been upfront and honest that the terms are onerous or that the welcome offer is confusing. Whilst the guides are still there and you’re welcome to complete them it makes it clear to newcomers to be wary.


As of today, there were 109 different reload offers (complete with guides) on the Yesbets website. They’re helpfully ordered by chronologically, so you can deal with offers soon to expire first. They also operate a traffic light system: red, amber and green to highlight the difficulty of the offer. We like that. We’ll check back intermittently and update the Yesbets review with current figures.

Features & Tools

Profit tracker

Yesbets Profit Tracker

You can track your profit and balances across bookmakers and exchanges on Yesbets. It links in with their odds matcher and so, when you find appealing odds you can place your bets, tab back to Yesbets and log your bet without any fiddly typing. They then provide an easy way for you to mark if the bet won at the bookmaker or exchange.

Odds matcher

Yesbets Odds MatcherYesbets have their own odds matcher that returns “live” results from almost all of the bookmakers they have sign up tutorials for. We did notice that the feeds occasionally go down or become very slow. With the relatively small team at Yesbets this can take some time to fix but they always seemed apologetic and friendly when this happened.

If the odds that show up in the odds matcher are delayed it can make for a very frustrating matched betting experience – by the time you’ve loaded the bookmaker’s website the odds you were looking for are nowhere to be seen. However, sometimes bookmakers just cut their odds very fast and so it’s not necessarily a fault of the matched betting service.

The Yesbets odds matcher was lacking one important feature – they don’t provide any auto refresh functionality. Ideally, you’d want to be able to leave the odds matcher looking for a close match and then get an alert when one was found. Unfortunately this isn’t possible at the time of writing.

Racing matcher

Yesbets Racing Matcher

The racing matcher allows you to list all the bookmakers’ offers for a particularly race. This is especially helpful if different bookmakers are running the same promotion – e.g. a free bet if your horse comes 2nd, and you want to try and cover multiple horses. The system is all connected with the Yesbets profit tracker and is a new, relatively recent, addition to the Yesbets site.

Each way matcher

Another recent addition to the Yesbets website (kudos for active development!) is their each way matcher.  Whilst probably not that useful to new matched betters (it’s better left to more experienced betters) it’s an incredibly useful and potentially very profitable tool.

Casino & bingo

Yesbets provide a premium add-on called “Casino Cruncher” that gives you access to risk free casino offers. The main/normal subscription includes access to bingo offers – half of which appear to be run by Yesbets and the other half by a member of the Yesbets community.

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The Yesbets community is relatively small but quite active. They have an online forum that isn’t particularly busy and seems more of a place to create/store guides and advice on sign up offers or general matched betting etiquette. The real value lies in Yesbets’ private Facebook group. Available to premium subscribers, it has a strong core of users who regularly share offers they’ve come across and tactics they’ve successfully (and unsuccessfully!) used. If you’re a big Facebook user then their community can be an excellent way to passively absorb matched betting knowledge as it pops up on your feed.


Customer support and help is provided by the Yesbets team by email and live chat. We found live chat to be manned 9-5 most of the time and that emails were usually responded to within the day. Yesbets were also quite responsive to urgent queries via their Facebook and forum too – although less pressing issues on the forum appear to go unanswered.

What others think

From our research, Yesbets is positively received by the internet at-large. It has an impressive trust pilot rating of 9.5/10 and appears to be widely regarded on various forums – from a community of mums to a group of computer geeks!

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Yesbets review, final thoughts

Yesbets is a decent matched betting site. For the moment, the community and friendly vibe are what make it. They do appear to be working hard to add functionality so, perhaps in the future, they’ll be on a level playing field with some of the more technically advanced matched betting sites such as OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator.

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