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One of the most important things you’ll need when you start your matched betting journey is a way to track your profits. In fact, “track your profits” is almost too general a statement. In reality, you need to track:

  • How much money you start with
  • The balance of your matched betting bank account
  • The balances you have at each and every bookmaker
  • Your balance at each exchange you use (typically Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook and/or BetDaQ)
  • Which bets are currently open
  • and, finally, your profit.

Many of the matched betting services on offer now include built-in profit trackers. As you place bets through their service they’ll record all the details you need to keep a record of. But, if you’ve chosen a matched betting service without a profit tracker, you’re matched betting without the aid of a service or you’ve got some crazy unique system going on you’ll probably want to get your hands on a matched betting spreadsheet.

What’s the best matched betting spreadsheet?

There are quite a few contenders. Ultimately, it depends on how much heavy lifting you want the spreadsheet to do. Some come fully loaded with matched betting calculators, free bet offers, automatic graphs whilst others focus on the core – they just track your bets and balances. We’ve rounded up the most popular matched betting spreadsheets below.

TeamProfit’s spreadsheet

TeamProfit's Matched Betting SpreadsheetTheir spreadsheet helps you:

  • Automatically track your profits and your balances at both bookmakers and the exchange
  • Help you calculate your lay bet with a built-in matched betting calculator
  • View your monthly profits as a graph
  • Includes links to 25+ welcome offers to get your started

You can download their spread, again as a Google Spreadsheet, here.

They’ve even created this video to explain how it all works:

Matched Betting Centre’s Spreadsheet

Matched Betting Centre's SpreadsheetTheir spreadsheet claims to be simple to use and comes with an example betting sheet with sample bets so that you can see what it’s supposed to look like. We’re big fans of this approach as sometimes you open up these spreadsheets and just think “eh?!” as they’re almost impossible to decipher.

Their matched betting spreadsheet calculates the lay stake required at the exchange, the liability you need to cover that stake and the profit (or loss) from that bet. Having that built into your spreadsheet saves time and effort as you don’t have to keep referring to a separate matched betting calculator.

After the bet is settled you can enter “Y” (Yes) or “N” (No) next to the bet in the spreadsheet and it’ll automatically update your running totals depending on whether the bet won or lost. Big thumbs up for that functionality.

The sheet also helps keep track of the bookmakers where you’ve been “gubbed”. If you’re new to matched betting, this is a term used to describe when a bookmaker has made your account ineligible for any future promotions (aka free bets) and/or restricted your account – in other words, limited you to only being able to many tiny bets of, say, 10pence.

These guys have bucked the trend and provided their spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel format. You can download it here.

Betting Tools’ Spreadsheet

Betting Tools' Matched Betting SpreadsheetBetting Tools have provided an excel spreadsheet. It’s fairly basic but does help you keep track of your profits and comes pre filled with popular bookmaker sites such as Ladbrokes and William Hill. If you fancy something simple to keep track of your matched betting profits without all the bells and whistles it might be one to consider. In most cases though we’d suggest using a different spreadsheet.

You can download Betting Tool’s spreadsheet here.

Profit Accumulator’s spreadsheet

Profit Accumulator's Matched Betting SpreadsheetYou can download their recommended spreadsheet as a Google Spreadsheet here. If you’re interested in the Profit Accumulator service, check out our Profit Accumulator review.

Are we missing one of the best matched betting spreadsheets? Let us know and we’ll add it to Best Matched Betting.

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