What’s the Best Matched Betting Site?

There are many betting services available and choosing the right one for you can be difficult. We’re here to help – we’ve compared all the popular matched betting sites available in 2017 so you can make an informed decision as to which is the Best Matched Betting site and which to join.

The Best Matched Betting Site 2017

Service Odds Monkey Profit Accumulator YesBets Matched Bets Profit Squad Profit Maximiser
Price £15/m £17.99/m £14.99/m £14.00/m £15.00/m £116.4/y
Profit Tracker
Odds Matcher
Racing matcher
Eachway matcher
ACCA matcher
Dutch calculator
Casino offers ✓*
Bingo offers
Online forum
Money back guarantee  ✗  ✗
Trial £1 for 7 days £1 for 3 days. Free 2 Offers Free 2 Offers £1 for 14 days £1 for 30 days
Join Join Join Join Join Join

* This feature is available but at an additional charge.

The cheapest matched betting site

If you want to pay monthly, the cheapest matched betting site available at the time of writing is YesBets at £14.99 per month. However, don’t dismiss the features you do and don’t get included at that price. For example, YesBet’s base subscription doesn’t include access to it’s “Casino Cruncher” service. If you’re committed to the idea of matched betting then the cheapest way is likely to be to pay for a year’s subscription upfront. Almost all of the matched betting services offer a discounted yearly membership – usually offering quite substantial savings.

If you’re going for an annual membership – make sure you’ve picked the right matched betting site

Whilst the sites and services we’ve included in the list above are fairly established and have been around a long while, do be cautious of paying for an annual membership for the new kid on the block. You could find that the site disappears before your full year is up and that you’re out of profit. However, this risk is relatively minimal with the bigger players as they’ve all been operating successfully for years now.

The most feature rich matched betting service

At the time of writing, it is probably OddsMonkey who offers the most extensive set of matched betting features and tools. They also seem to be one of the sites with the most active development, having recently added an option to link your BetFair account (which is definitely good for ease-of-use but that are some concerns that it’ll out you as a matched better. Linking your account is optional though so it shouldn’t put you off OddsMonkey).

An honourable mention is required for Profit Accumulator who have, until recently, led the pack with matched betting developments. They too have an extensive set of features, guides and tools to help you with your matched betting. But the matched betting service does feel a little dated compared to some of their competitors.

Best paid-for matched betting site

Our current front runner is OddsMonkey – whilst they’re marginally more expensive than some of the alternatives, their monthly fee includes access to everything. So there’s no hidden bonus charges or additional fees to pay to access “premium” tools. We’re big fans of that approach and it makes it much easier for beginners to know what they’re getting.

We quite enjoyed their recent video from OddsMonkey detailing a newcomer’s journey into matched betting:


We often read claims from the various matched betting sites that “you’ll make back the cost of the subscription by completing just one offer!”. And, to be fair, this is pretty much universally true of all the paid-for matched betting services. The cost difference between the subscriptions isn’t all that substantial – especially when you compare it to what your matched betting earns may become. With that in mind, we’d recommend you try out a few of the services. See which one fits best for you. It may be that you love the shiny tools OddsMonkey provides, or perhaps you’re a fan of the huge community behind Profit Accumulator. You may even prefer the close-knit feel of a smaller matched betting site like YesBets.

Best free matched betting site

For free matched betting resources, it’s definitely worth checking out the best matched betting forums as many of these online communities provide excellent tips, guides and advice on matched betting for free.

We’d generally recommend that newcomers to matched betting avoid the free matched betting sites and instead invest in one of the paid-for matched betting services. The free sites can often be a bit more confusing and don’t necessarily hold you hand and guide you through the process as much as the premium services do.

Whilst we haven’t worked out the figures ourselves, Guide To Matched Betting claim that their readers made £300 month profit whilst using free matched betting sites compared to £1,000 month with premium, paid-for sites. Whilst the figures might not be all that scientific, we’d say the general gist is true – you’ll likely make more money if you go for a premium service. You’ll get better guides, support, tools and a community of well-informed matched betters at your disposal.

All that said, there are still some great matched betting resources available for free.

Money Saving Expert

Martin Lewis’ baby, the Money Saving Expert website, has an online forum with an active sub-section dedicated to matched betting. It has, unfortunately, become a little less active recently than in it’s golden age but it’s still a good place to read up on matched betting, gather other people’s opinions and views and to spot the occasional offer.

You can find their site here.

Matched Betting Blog

The Matched Betting Blog is associated with Smarkets – the second most popular betting exchange in the UK. With that in mind, there is a slight bias to the site but it still does a great job in sharing and publicising matched betting news, guides and offers. Risk free offers are probably where the Matched Betting Blog shines – they do a sterling job getting offers up on their homepage as soon as they become available. If you fancy having a read, you can find it here.

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