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For a long while Profit Accumulator has been the go-to matched betting site. Whilst OddsMonkey has been vying for the top spot recently, Profit Accumulator has consistently been the most active matched betting service with the largest community and biggest toolset. This Profit Accumulator review will hopefully help you decide if it’s the right matched betting site for you.

The service was created by matched betting enthusiast Sam Stoffel who, after having successfully profited from matched betting himself, decided to setup Profit Accumulator to help everyone else benefit too.

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First impressions

The homepage is modern and attempts to not only sell you their service (20,000+ members is a big positive they advertise almost straight away) but also introduce you to the concept of matched betting. They’ve put together one of those little cartoon videos that gives a very high level overview. If you’re so inclined you can watch is here:

Much like OddsMonkey, Profit Accumulator have a slick video on their homepage with (what seem like, at least) honest testimonials. We’re not sure who came up with the idea first but it is very powerful – normal people describing their matched betting journey. You can watch it here and see if you’re sold or left unconvinced by their marketing efforts:

Our overall first impressions of Profit Accumulator:

  • A modern, well designed site
  • Friendly, approachable and “human” (how can it not be with all those smiling faces plastered over the home page)
  • A little sneaky with the cost aspect – there’s no clear pricing page or cost shown on the homepage. It focuses much more on the free trial. This might perhaps be because, until recently, they were quite a bit more expensive than the competition. However, we’ll discuss that further below.

How much does Profit Accumulator cost?

As mentioned not more than a second ago, Profit Accumulator used to be one of the most pricey matched betting services. However, in order to align themselves more closely with their competitors they dropped their prices in March 2017.


If you want to pay monthly for the Profit Accumulator service you’ll be looking at a cost of £17.99/month. This is comparable to the other matched betting services but is a few quid more expensive.


There’s a pretty hefty discount on offer if you’re willing to commit to an annual membership. The cost is £150 for the year and, whilst we’d usually recommend caution before signing up for a year, Profit Accumulator has been around long enough and has a big enough community that it’s probably a fairly safe and sensible option.


There are two trials available via Profit Accumulator.

The first is completely free and provides an introductory guide to matched betting and the chance to complete two sign up offers (at the time of writing, the offers are for Coral and Betfred) worth up to £45 depending on how good matches you find.

The second is full “platinum” access to Profit Accumulator for 3 days at the cost of £1. This is a great way to scope out all of the tools and features available to paid members.

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Sign up offers

The sign up offers on Profit Accumulator don’t appear, at first glance, to be in any particular order. However, as you work your way down their list of offers they’ve included various matched betting guides. We’re going to assume that the offers are listed by their ease-of-use and, as new matched betting concepts are introduced, they include a guide explaining whats-what.

At the time of writing this Profit Accumulator review, there were over 60 bookie sign up offers listed in their members area.


With over 80 reload offers listed, it looks as if Profit Accumulator are pretty decent and finding and publicising the various different bookmaker reload promotions.

How the offers are rated

All the offers on Profit Accumulator – sports book signup offers, casino offers, reload offers and bingo offers – are rated between 1 and 5 stars. Their rating system is as follows:

  • Five Stars:
    The best offers, guaranteed profit, easy and quick. Examples: Bet365 £50 Inplay offer,
  • Four Stars:
    Risk free offers, usually guaranteed profit but not always. Potentially more time consuming or just lower value.
  • Three Stars:
    Great offers, but not always risk free, and potentially time consuming. Examples: Horse Racing Refunds, Acca Refunds, Low-Risk casino offers.
  • Two Stars:
    Examples include: Medium risk Casino offers, Sports refund offers with a low chance of occurring. Any offers that are particularly time consuming, or those that depend on getting perfect matches.
  • One Star:
    High risk Casino offers (or risk-free “No Deposit” casino offers with an extremely low chance of making any profit).

Whilst the rating system is certainly welcome, we did prefer the YesBets system where guaranteed profit reloads were highlighted alongside a more straightforward traffic light system reflecting the difficulty of the offer. With Profit Accumulator’s system being the same across all their offers (sports to casino) it can be a little difficult to remember what the star rating means.

Features & Tools

Odds matcher

Profit Accumulator odds matcherThe Profit Accumulator odds matcher – the tool that automatically fetches and compares odds between bookmakers and the exchanges – is comprehensive and well laid out. If you’re someone that likes lots of detail and information then this may be the odds matcher for you. On the other hand, if you prefer a more simplified layout, you might want to consider YesBets and their odds matcher. Whilst there are a huge number of options to customise the odds matcher to your own tastes, this may be a little overwhelming for beginners.


Profit Accumulator calculators

Profit Accumulator has a whole bunch of matched betting calculators. *Deep Breath* here we go:

  • Matchbook Calculator: Matched betting calculator that works for Matchbook’s commission structure.
  • Spreadbetting Qualifiers: For calculating your qualifying bets with both spreadbetting companies.
  • Spreadex Supremacy Bet: To calculate your Spreadex Supremacy bet lay bets.
  • Sporting Index Calculator: To calculate your Sporting Index signup and reload bets.
  • Fixabet Calculator: For cashing out erroneous lay bets or fixing partially matched lay bets
  • Refund IF Calculator: For locking in a potential refund that can only be triggered if a certain event occurs.
  • Each Way Calculator: Calculates your lay stakes for each way bets whether it be qualifying bets or free bets.
  • Bonus Lock-in Calculator: For locking in a potential bonus/refund. Win and lose modes are available.
  • DD/HH Calculator: To calculate Double Delight / Hat-trick Heaven offers
  • Dutching Calculator: For dutching two way and three way bets
  • Early Pay Out Calculator: For locking in profit from your early payout offers such as 2up.

It’s great that they have all these calculators at your disposal. It’s even better that they have them all in one place. They’ll help no-end with reload offers. This is a big plus for Profit Accumulator as other matched betting services tend to link to third party calculators or spreadsheets. Having to go “off-site” for a calculator can get very tedious so we’re big fans of this approach.

Profit Tracker

Sadly, Profit Accumulator don’t appear to offer an in-built way of tracking profit. This is a real shame as it would make perfect sense to be able to “save” a bet after using their odds matcher and matched betting calculator. This is a big negative as maintaining a separate matched betting spreadsheet can be a real headache. That said – once you get into the territory of multi-accounting a separate spreadsheet is, realistically, you’re only choice.

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Profit Accumulator forumThe Profit Accumulator community is one of – if not the – largest amongst the various matched betting sites. Having reviewed and used a fair few matched betting websites now we’re confident in saying that the Profit Accumulator forum is the most active amongst all other matched betting services. At the time of writing, the forum has well over 1 million posts – most of which are in the Reload Offers section.

If you’re curious about the best matched betting forums then it’s worth reading our post on the topic where we discuss both the freely available and private communities.

The forum is split up into the following categories:

  • General
  • Sportsbook Signup Offers
  • Casino Offers
  • Bingo Offers
  • Reload Offers (further separated into Premier League Ongoing Reloads, Horse Racing, Accumulators, In-Store Offers and Offers Posted by Members)
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Suggestions and Fixes


Customer support at Profit Accumulator is available via their online knowledge base of frequently asked questions, a ticket system (essentially email support), their forum (often other members will come to your aid quicker than any Profit Accumulator staff) and by telephone too. You can contact them Monday Friday 9am-6pm and 10am – 5:30pm on the weekend on this telephone number: 0115 824 3730.

What others think

Because Profit Accumulator has been around so long there’s a wide range of reviews and views online. Generally, they are positive. We tend to side with sources such as Trust Pilot – where Profit Accumulator have a rating of 8.9/10 (although note that there are only 12 reviews at the time of writing). If you just google for reviews, you’ll likely stumble across some negative ones too. Please try and read these objectively and make up your own mind. In our view, almost all of the matched betting services have some unique aspect or positive. If the review is just completely slating a service then we’d suggest the author may have some ulterior motive going on. That goes for all reviews  – whether a OddsMonkey review, Profit Accumulator review or a review of any of the other matched betting sites.

Ultimately, Profit Accumulator’s huge community and customer base speaks for itself. They wouldn’t have over 20,000 members unless they were doing something right.

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Profit Accumulator review, final thoughts

One of the oldest, largest and best matched betting services available. Whilst they started to lag behind a bit compared to their competitors (particularly on the pricing and features front) they’ve recently caught up and are now a force to be reckoned with.

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