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Setup over five years ago, OddsMonkey is one of the veterans on the matched betting site scene. Founded and built by a chap called Paul (the smiley guy on pictured) it’s now grown to a team of 24 people. Twenty. Four. That’s a big ol’ team to support a matched betting service.  They consider themselves a “crack team of software developers and experienced matched bettors” and hopefully this OddsMonkey review will help you decide if they live up to those claims.

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First impressions

OddsMonkey has to be one of the nicest looking matched betting websites. From the cute little monkey logo, to the modern and clean design, the website gives off the vibe that this is a professional, legit outfit that knows what it’s doing.

Whilst this site is like all the other matched betting services – it’s homepage is designed to sell you a subscription – we were pleasantly pleased to read less tacky “Make £1 million pounds!!!” headlines and more refined marketing spiel. The homepage leads with “David has earned over £8,000. OddsMonkey makes it simple for you to earn a tax-free second income.” and links to the video below, which provides an interesting insight into a customer’s matched betting journey. Perhaps we were just caught hook, line and sinker but we think it’s worth a watch.

How much does OddsMonkey cost?


A monthly subscription at OddsMonkey will set you back £15. Included in their premium monthly membership is:

  • Access to over 100+ tutorials
  • Access to a bunch of tools including their Odds Matcher, Dutching Tool and Racing Matcher.
  • Online community
  • Customer support

Unlike other matched betting services – OddsMonkey’s subscription fee (whether monthly or annually) includes access to their whole site and all their tools. We like this. We like this a lot. All too often you’ll find out a matched betting service has a premium tool or feature that requires an additional payout. We like to know what we’re getting upfront – especially when its everything!


You can save £30 by paying for a yearly subscription with OddsMonkey instead. £150 will net you a full year’s access to all of their features. Cushty.


Following the approach of several other matched betting services, you can access a limited version of OddsMonkey for free – you’ll get access to their training guides and can earn up to £45 from a couple of introduction offers.

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Sign up offers

The sign up offers on OddsMonkey are split into different sections depending on the bet type:

  • Bet X get X Sign Up Offers
  • Risk Free Bet Sign Up Offers
  • Rollover Bonus Offers
  • Multi Step Offers
  • Enhanced Odds
  • Mobile Offers
  • Other miscellaneous offers

It’s a relatively sensible way to split the offers, and typically means that the more straightforward offers are available for you to go through first. The quality of the sign up offer walkthroughs are top notch. If you were to compare rival matched betting service Yesbets with OddsMonkey here you’d see a marked difference.

There were about 40 offers available to choose from at the time of writing – a few less than other services but these do change frequently and it’s difficult to know if some were omitted intentionally or not (some offers are so onerous they’re almost impossible to profit from).



OddsMonkey provide a daily offer calendar where you can quickly and easily see the reload offers available from the various bookmakers. The OddsMonkey team were pretty on top of things when we looked and had a comparable number of offers compared to their competitors.

Features & Tools

Odds matcher

OddsMonkey Odds matcherThe odds matcher tool on Odds Monkey is standalone (unlike on Yesbets where it is integrated into the “flow” of the site). This means that the process of placing bets and following a guide can be a little disjointed:

  1. Read the tutorial
  2. Open the odds matcher
  3. Place the bets
  4. Track your profits
This compares negatively to Yesbets where the odds matcher is integrated into the tutorial and the profit tracker. So you can follow a guide for a bookmaker’s sign up offer all on one page.
That said, the Odds Monkey odds matcher seems a lot more robust and reliable than Yesbets’. But then that should hardly come as a surprise as the odds matcher was the core concept of Odds Monkey that got it started. It was their first tool and remains their most loved!

Racing & tennis matchers

We won’t go into too much detail in this OddsMonkey review but these matchers are particularly useful at big-name events. So the Grand National, Cheltenham, Wimbledon, etc. The matchers display all the offers for a given game in one place so you can maximise your profits. If two bookmakers are paying out £10 free bets for 2nd place at the races you can use these tools to help cover two different horses and increase the odds of you getting a free bet.

Acca Matcher

OddsMonkey has two tools that fit under this heading. The first, they created a while ago and is called “Acca Builder”. It lets you build your own accumulators and lock in profit. But, due to popular demand, the OddsMonkey team have created a follow-up tool called “Acca Finder”. This returns pre-built accumulators, saving you the hassle and faff of having to create your own. This newer tool is much more popular (and, in our opinion – much better). It saves huge amounts of time and makes it much easier to profit from acca offers.

On researching other people’s opinions of OddsMonkey we discovered a blog post on The Owl Journal. On it the blogger highlighted a potential risk of using the Acca Finder that we hadn’t thought of. So credit to that author for the following: A slew of people all placing bets on the same accumulator could raise suspicions at a bookmakers. It isn’t particularly normal behaviour for a bunch of punters to all place the exact same combination of bets. The blogger suggested mixing it up and using both the Acca Finder and the Acca Builder so that you end up placing a mix of bets at the bookies. We perhaps think this is a little too cautious but it was an interesting point and we wanted to share.

Profit Tracker

Sadly, there is no profit tracker on OddsMonkey. We’d recommend you look at MatchedBets or our review of YesBets if you want profit tracking functionality. If you’re happy without it, and want to use your own spreadsheet to track your money have a look at our handy guide to the best matched betting spreadsheet.

Casino & bingo

There’s no additional fee for access to casino and bingo offers at OddsMonkey. Great news. What’s more they’ve made it really simple to see the EV (the expected value) of an offer so you can quickly decide if it’s worth your time or not.

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The OddsMonkey community – namely it’s forum – is one of the largest matched betting communities around. It’s home to a whole host of information and advice and is a fantastic source for discovering new offers and tactics to make the most profit from them.


The customer support at OddsMonkey is a little unusual (in a good way). They provide the norm: email support that they typically respond to in a timely fashion. However, you can also arrange telephone calls for 1-to-1 help. This can be fantastically helpful for newcomers to matched betting where, despite all the tutorials and videos, things sometimes still just don’t make sense.

What others think

We scoured the internet and were surprised by just how positive the reviews for OddsMonkey were. Not that we didn’t expect them to get good reviews – we actually think they’re one of the best matched betting sites around – but for a site so big we expected more negative feedback! Reviews.co.uk rate them 4.66/5 with over 100 reviews. Whilst a google for “OddsMonkey Reviews” might reveal some negative experiences please read such reviews with caution. We discovered a few articles that very much appeared to have a hidden agenda (e.g. they worked for another matched betting service). You won’t find any of that here thank you very much.

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OddsMonkey review, final thoughts

Definitely top 3. We’re confident to say that OddsMonkey is in the top tier of matched betting services available today. It’s size (both in terms of it’s team and it’s community), it’s all-included price and the extensive range of tools and simple-to-follow guides make this a matched betting service worth checking out.

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